The second tree-planting event held in association with Bunson CSR partners, the Woodlands 2000 Trust (W2T) at their Kisaju Woodlot, the same location as the first tree-planting event.

Bunson Travel staff, family, and friends were invited to attend the second tree-planting event, which was keenly anticipated after the success of the inaugural event. As well as being part of the responsibility Bunson Travel has to the environment, tree planting at the Kisaju woodlot is also a fun day out for those able to attend. Tree planting is a very rewarding activity and spending the afternoon in the shade of the woodlot with colleagues proved to be of more enjoyment according to groups that attended the first event.

The aim of this second event was to forest a part of the woodlot that had very few trees and therefore extends the dryland forest. With more people attending the event, the W2T were convinced we would be able to plant an entire section and therefore add to the forest.

There were approximately 45 staff, family, and friends who attended the event and though the Kitengela traffic delayed the group, we made a start with a tour of the woodlot, lead by Teddy Kinyanjui at 11:30 am. Teddy took us through the establishment of the W2T, the purpose of the woodlot that we are contributing to, a charcoal making a demo, visit the tree nursery and finally a visit to the trees that were planted at the first event in 2015. All extremely educational and new to many members of the Bunson family and a refresher to those attending their second tree-planting event.

Luckily the weather held off for our day outdoors and the sun shone making it quite hot. A quick break and drink of water rejuvenated us for the planting of the trees. With the holes already dug, all that was left to do was place the tree and fill the holes.
There were 300 holes dug with about 100 of those planted 2 trees to the hole. Every member of staff, family, and friends planted about 7-10 trees each.
Truly hot work in the unexpected heat of the day. A delicious lunch was ready and waiting to be devoured. Meat kindly donated by Carnivore had been ‘chomad’ by the caterers along with various sides.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in the sun/escaping the sun and enjoying some drinks and music, before the clouds started to build, which was the cue for us to head home or risk getting stuck in the mud.

The day was a success. An enjoyable escape from Nairobi for family and friends, a positive contribution to the environment, lessons learned and the further growth of Bunson CSR and it’s partnership with the Woodlands 2000 Trust. We look forward to the next event later in 2016 where we hope on of our esteemed clients will be able to join us for the enjoyable day out.