In January 2016 Bunson funded the development of a tree nursery at Sirimon Secondary School. We are proud to report that one of our CSR partners, the Mount Kenya Trust (MKT), has just bought 2,800 seedlings from the school’s nursery. MKT will use these plants for reforestation – and Sirimon Secondary School will use the money for a new gate!

Early this year, the Bunson CSR Team identified a unique opportunity to further expand our CSR initiative.
Through our partners at the Woodland 2000 Trust, we connected with the Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) Team based in Nanyuki, Kenya, as one of their key projects is based on tree planting and regeneration of Kenya’s forests.
Our initial project with MKT started in January 2016 and involved setting up a tree nursery at Sirimon Secondary School located along the Mt. Kenya forest boundary. The school was in need of assistance and MKT saw a potential partner to assist with replanting and conservation efforts in the Mt. Kenya forest, creating a symbiotic relationship.
The nursery is fully owned and maintained by the school, with Bunson having donated seedlings to help with the initial establishment of the nursery.  The aim is for the nursery to serve as an educational and environmental tool, and provide a form of income for the school.

We a proud to report that MKT have been able to buy 2800 seedlings from Sirimon Secondary School, which will be used in one of their reforestation projects. The seedlings were bought at 15KSh each. The school has since reported; they are using the money for a new gate at the school!

The nursery at Sirimon School was our first project with MTK. Since then, we have established a second nursery at Ngushishi Secondary School in Timau. MKT have their sight set on the establishment of a third nursery, which the Bunson CSR Team is prepared to support.