The annual team building weekend at Bunson Travel is always highly anticipated by all and given the big drive from Bunson CSR in 2016, with regards to tree planting efforts through our partners at the Mt. Kenya trust, the 2016 team building event presented the opportunity to get involved in tree planting projects at the property we visited (Great Rift Valley Lodge – GRVL), one we support in our business. Behind GRVL, as you continue to climb further up the hill, you will get to the Forest Reserve of Eburru Forest.

In the last few months, brothers Colin and Tony Church (responsible for fencing the Aberdares through the formation of Rhino Ark, amongst numerous other conservation efforts), have relocated from Nairobi to Naivasha and have turned their attention to conserving and replanting the forests around Naivasha, starting with the Eburru Forest. Through Bunson CSR’s partners at the Woodlands 2000 Trust, we were introduced to Friends of Eburru Forest, which was formed by the Church brothers to attract more people to get involved with the Forest.

After the team building activities on Saturday, all of the Bunson Travel staff made their way up to the Eburru Forest, where we would be planting 200+ trees in a corner of the Forest that needed re-planting.
Friends of Eburru Forest were already there eagerly anticipating our arrival, and had already dug all the holes and placed the seedlings next to the holes, ready for planting and watering by the Bunson Travel team. Tony and Colin Church were on hand to address the Bunson Travel staff about the Eburru Forest; its significance and the importance if conserving it and Kenya’s other water towers.
An hour later and with certainly more than 200 trees planted, Bunson CSR’s tree-planting event was a success!
A big thank you goes to Friends of Eburru Forest and the Bunson Travel staff for their part in the day. As Bunson CSR continues to grow, engaging in conservation efforts such as this is vital in sustaining the country in which we live, work and promote to people around the world, encouraging them to take a safari. Along with Mount Kenya Trust and The Woodlands 2000 Trust, Friends of Eburru Forest are our newest partner that we will continue to work within conserving the Eburru