Bunson CSR understands that the only way for us to collectively plant more trees and in turn preserve Kenya’s water towers (Mt. Kenya being the biggest), we need to engage strategic partners with the know-how and existing framework that requires support to ensure the trees are planted.

Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) works with various schools along the Mt. Kenya forest boundary. People attending those schools are generally from families that were displaced when the forest was fenced and protected, hence they could no longer live in the forest and were located further down the mountain. MKT understands that having these people as the key stakeholders in conserving and regenerating (by tree-planting) the forest is vital.

Sirimon School is one of the schools identified by MKT along the forest boundary that not only required assistance as a school but could also help MKT in re-planting and conserve the Mt. Kenya forest. It’s a relationship that serves MKT as well as it does the school.

Mount Kenya Trust’s work with Sirimon School has been, initially to set up a tree nursery on the schools ground, to directly benefit the school. The nursery is fully owned and maintained by the school. MKT Community Liaison Officer visits Sirimon School throughout the process of setting up the nursery, to ensure that an effective and sustainable nursery is set up at the school and the goals that the nursery has set out to achieve are met. The nursery serves a purpose greater than simply promoting tree planting and a seedling bank for the area. The MKT Community Liaison Officer also work with the school to incorporate various conservation, tree planting…methods into the school’s curriculum, along with informing them of the important role they play in their school, community, country, and planet.

The tree nursery at Sirimon School will address the following needs (but is not limited to them):

  • Wind erosion
  • Form of income generation – sale of seedlings
  • Tree planting at school
  • Part of curriculum – awareness, and education on the importance of planting trees
  • Take a tree home – children are urged to take tree seedlings home to plant with their parents
  • Re-plant the forest – MKT used the seedling bank to replant parts of the forest near the school
  • Nursery as tree-planting bank for MKT

The Operations Director of Bunson Travel Service Ltd and a Director of The Woodlands 2,000 Trust accompanied the MKT team for the opening of the SirimonSchool Tree Nursery in January 2016.

The opening was attended by all of the school children at which, all parties present made speeches.

After the formalities, the student prefect body, MKT team and donors planted a commemorative tree along the school boundary, the first of many we hope.

MKT share regular updates of the Sirimon School nursery progress and Bunson CSR are always welcome to visit the nursery. A tree-planting day has been arranged with some Bunson Travel staff and Sirimon School to further strengthen the relationship with MKT and the school.