The Tools Listed Below are What we use to Effectively Manage your Travel Program  


CWT AnalytiQs

It’s the end of travel data reporting as you know it.
We’ll take you from facts, figures and reports to a world of connections, insights and possibilities.
We’ve built new systems, along with a fast and reliable infrastructure with an intuitive user experience.
Get the information you need quickly to make the decisions that matter.


CWT Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  An integrated, data-driven solutions that improve how you interact and do business with your customers. CRM's are designed to manage and maintain customer relationships, track engagements, and sales, and deliver actionable data.

The CWT CRM is accessible to all global partners, allowing CWT travel consultants around the round to access the same data on global accounts. Minimizing risk and increasing efficiency.

Value of Using The CRM 

  • All data / relevant data
  • Timely Entries and Updates
  • Chose the CRM
  • Accurate Data


CWT Hotel Intel

CWT Hotel Intel. Give your travelers the information they want while maintaining control of your travel program.

Three offers to choose from:

  • CWT Hotel Intel Directory 

* Lets travelers see overall scoring and popularity based on reviews

* Does not solicit reviews from travelers

  • CWT Hotel Intel Core

* Shows both CWT and company negotiated rates

* Displays full peer traveler reviews

* Encourages travelers to leave reviews after their trips

CWT Alerts and Crisis Communication

CWT Alerts and Crisis Communication keeps clients informed of travel risks and helps them locate and assist travelers quickly in a crisis. To help avoid situations that may adversely affect travelers safety. CWT provides clients and their travelers with relevant information to increase awareness of risks before, during and after a business trip.





CWT Resolve 

CWT Resolve improves processes for receipt of comments and observations (both positive and negative) of the clients, providing supervision and monitoring of issues and trends related to service.

CWT Program Messenger

CWT Program Messenger. Inform, advise and reinforce at every step

Give your travelers the information they want while maintaining control of your travel program.

Creating a travel policy is only the first step towards truly driving savings and control.

- You need to tell your travelers about the policy

- You need to reinforce positive behavior

- You need to change non-complaint behavior

- You want to take advantage of savings opportunities

- You want to improve traveler satisfaction